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Services Provided & Fees

To Sell Finished Cattle Using our Exclusive Carcass Merit Pricing Formula: JBS with plants in Grand Island, NE and Greeley, CO has provided us with one of the very top formulas available in the industry today. Please contact us for a copy of our pricing grid to market your cattle.

  • “Non-Captive Supply” Program. Producer not required to lock into a non-negotiated price. Can bid Grid.
  • You can also Future Contract your cattle through JBS on our formula.

You Will Receive Your Individual Carcass Information: We can have the carcass data back to you within 7 days after the cattle are killed to help you with future management, genetic and marketing decisions.
Data Analysis and Help on Your Genetic and Management Decisions: When you receive your carcass and feedlot information you can call us and we will help you understand the results so you can make the necessary management decisions. You can call us anytime with all other genetic and management questions. If we don’t have the answers we will get you in touch with someone that does.
Formula comparison: We will compare our Grid to any other Grid on which a producer has killed cattle. To get a same harvest date comparison please send or fax the Packer Closeout information.

Data Provided:
Group Data: (No individual ear tags) Number and percentage break down of group average in all carcass categories then compared to all cattle killed in system.
Normal Data: (Individual ear tags) Each tag tied to a Hot Carcass Wt., Quality Grade, Yield Grade, if it went CAB or SPC (Upper 2/3 Choice), and an individual carcass price, and the premium or discount received on each carcass.
Complete Data: (Individual ear tags) Each tag tied to a Hot Carcass Wt., Marbling Score, Quality Grade, Rib Eye Area, Fat Thickness, %Retail Product fat, CAB & SPC and a calculated YG.

Total Price To Sell Finished Cattle at each Plant: (This is your total cost to use our formula, our services, and to receive the carcass data you desire. The cost below will be withheld from your check when the cattle are slaughtered.)

Fees at: Grand Island, NE Group Data= $5 Normal Data= $8 Complete Data= $11 per hd
Fees at: Greeley, CO Group Data= $5 Normal Data= $7 Complete Data= $10 per hd